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The band program offers students a unique musical experience where they will learn how to play an instrument and read music notation in a fun social atmosphere.

Why play an instrument?

Learning a musical instrument is a fun way to develop students in key areas of eye and muscle coordination, cognitive processing, and self-discipline. 

Most instruments in the band are wind instruments. In addition to the characteristics above, wind instruments require strong deep air support which develops awareness in breath control and lung capacity.

Why learn to read music?

Learning to read music is akin to learning a second language. Signs and symbols are combined together to create a visual template through which people share their musical ideas. 

The students will learn to read and interpret music through the notation of the Western Classical Tradition. Generally music enriches children's lives by:

  • enhancing learning
  • promoting confidence
  • contributing to social and personal growth
  • helping children develop responsibility
  • providing an avenue for creativity and self expression.