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Welcome Kindergarten students!

Engadine West PS is looking forward to welcoming our new Kindergarten students in 2024.

You may like to read the school information handbook which provides useful information about the school, our values, and what we offer our students. You can also watch our videos below to find out more about school life at Engadine West Public School.

Online enrolment can be completed any time and our office is happy to receive completed application forms and sight documentation between 8:45am and 3:30pm school days for Kindergarten 2024 enrolments.


Kindergarten 2024 parent information and student transition sessions


Kindergarten 2024 parent information session recording

Please watch our parent information session below for details relating to students starting Kindergarten 2024 at Engadine West Public School.

Please also check our Kindergarten section regularly for updates and helpful information for students beginning Kindergarten. Navigate this section by choosing from the page menus on the left hand side of this page or by clicking on the area of interest below.

Kindergarten section

Topics covered

Learning and support

  • curriculum
  • starting big school
  • Best Start assessment sessions

Health and food at school

  • school canteen
  • fruit break
  • low waste lunches
  • lunchbox ideas


  • Kindergarten uniform ordering guidelines

Getting ready for big school

  • Kindergarten parent information
  • is my child ready for school?
  • supporting your child's transition to school
  • Daisy's First Day picture book
  • anticipated costs for Kindergarten

Keep up to date with important information by downloading the Audiri app (formerly Skoolbag app) and subscribe to the Kindergarten 2024 group. Please watch the video below for detailed instructions on how to join the Kindergarten 2024 group.

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